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Assignment: Day 1

This assignment is due in hardcopy form in class on May 30, 2009

A.  Regular journal entry

B.  Address the following questions:

  1. What do I expect from this course? What do you want to experience and walk away with?
  2. What is Creativity, Innovation, Art and Design?
  3. Why do I need to be creative?
  4. What significant positive change do I wish to make in my life/others/org/society?
  1. Complete the questionnaire here.  Let me address a common misconception about the MBTI -- that it is about one's ability .  The questionnaire is about PREFERENCE not ABILITY.  It doesn't ask you what you are CAPABLE OF IN A GIVEN SITUATION.  It seeks to find out what you are MOST COMFORTABLE WITH OVER LONG PERIODS OF TIME.  For instance, I am capable of both being by myself, alone and along with people.  But if I were to be given a preference, I would spend time with people.  Again, I am comfortable with both being organised and structured as well as engaging in spontaneous and unplanned behaviour.  I can do both, on demand, as the need arises.  But I prefer unstructured activity, if provided a choice.  So make sure you answer questions based on what you are most comfortable with -- on average --  if you look back on your behaviour and preferences over long periods of time.  It seeks your 'average', or 'modal' behaviour.  
  2. You will get FOUR LETTERS E or I; S or N; F or T; J or P.  You will also get a percentage score from 1 to 100 associated with each letter.  Note down these letters and associated numbers (better yet, print out the page for your records).
  3. Read up on the results you get at these websites:
  4. Bring your scores and associated descriptive information with you when you come to class next.