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Book Review

  1. Pick a book that relates in some way to creativity and innovation.  Make sure it is a book that speaks loudly and eloquently to you. YOU, most of all, should find it very meaningful in some way. It ought to delight and excite you in some fashion, and light up your mind. It should be a book that motivates you to write and speak about passionately and fervently. 
  2. Read it
  3. Write a review that includes both a summary of the book and your own thoughts and reflections
  4. The biggest chunk of the review should be about what YOU, SPECIFICALLY found meaningful and interesting in the book and how you plan to incorporate those lessons into your personal and/or
  5. professional life.
  6. Present your book review to the class (use a powerpoint presentation for efficiency of delivery) in no more than 5 minutes. Not one minute extra. Rehearse your presentation in advance at home so that you are able to very efficiently convey the essence of the book, particularly its impact on you, in no more than 5 minutes.  Please, no smart aleck presentations that last 30 seconds to one minute so you can say, 'but I finished well within 5 minutes!'.  It is impossible to convey the key points of a book in that short a time period in any meaningful way.
  7. The book reviews are due on Day 10 of this course. You may look up Day 10 in your schedule.
You may search on Amazon and then in local bookstores (or online Indian bookstores) for suitable books on the subject. Also, there are a bunch of books in the TAPMI library that I have specifically tagged as relating to creativity and innovation.  Ask the librarian for a list. I have also put up a list of books that I found interesting on the following page:

Despite my asking students to pick book they love, I still have some students read and present a book that they didn't particularly like. And they've never been able to satisfactorily tell me why they did what they did. I am left to conclude that they must hate themselves in some way. My request to you is to please not inflict such punishment on yourself. Have fun, learn something, be happy.