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Every week you will submit one (or more) regular journal entries.
  1. You will submit (at least) one Journal entry per day of class. So there will be (at least) 12 entries. You may submit more than 12 entries -- and you'll get credit for that.
  2. Each journal should be relevant to a particular class, and have some connection to it. It serves no purpose to write a whole bunch of journals after five weeks have passed. It don't work that way.
  3. The journal should consist of your **reflections** on what happened in class in terms of your own, inner, personal experiences and also later, outside of class as a consequence, in your interactions with the world around you, at home, at work, and elsewhere. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings for it is those things that indicate a process of transformation taking place inside you, not a mere regurgitation of a sequence of events like a parrot.
  4. Your journals should be pertinent to the issues of creativity, innovation, and design. They shouldn't be a bunch of thoughts and emotions about other unrelated matters. Bear in mind that you might be able to relate just about anything on the planet to these three issues, but don't make that a forced afterthought because I am experience enough in this job to be able to detect that.
  5. The journals should speak in YOUR OWN VOICE, and not in the voice of somebody else that you read on the internet or elsewhere. Make them AUTHENTIC, for otherwise you are fooling nobody more than your own self, and that's the worst kind of fooling in the world. I've known people who have spent their entire life fooling themselves, and there are few sights more pathetic than them.
  6. Journal entries can take any form that will be able to convey meaning to me: prose, poetry, music, art, sculpture, etc. But whatever form they take, they should represent your reflections, thoughts, feelings relating to events in class and elsewhere and relate to creativity, innovation and design. Push yourself, explore methods of expression that you rarely employ. That's the only way to become a Whole Person. It's not worthwhile living life as only a Partial Person.