SPARK stands for,
  • Speedy, Pictorial, And Radical Knowledge
  • Succint Presentation And Rapid Knowledge
  • Speak, Present, Argue, RocK¬†
  • Speak Passionately And Rage Kinesthetically
  • Stand, Present, Argue, Reflect, Konnect
You can come up with your own (better) expansions.

  • "180" stands for the EXACTLY 180 seconds (3 minutes) you have to deliver your talk.¬†
  • "180" also is the (maximum) number of degrees you hope to turn the audience's mind after they hear you.
  • You will use EXACTLY 12 slides and each will display for EXACTLY 15 seconds
  • Make copious use of images; minimize the use of words on your display.
  • Ensure that what you say COMPLEMENTS rather than REPEATS what is displayed on the screen
Content, Delivery
  • Pick ANY topic that you find yourself PASSIONATE about.
  • It should be an ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTION that represents YOU. Don't copy.
  • Try to present some ideas and perspectives that many or most might be unaware of
  • Practice before you come in to deliver in class; use friends, family, colleagues for help.
  • Humor is appreciated, but try not to insult or hurt anyone (other than politicians, maybe)
  • Add music or animation if you wish.
  • Enjoy yourself while you do it.
Instructions to audience
  • Be supportive of the speaker